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Shipping & Returns

International shipping is fast delivery usually within one week after treatment of the international air express. All orders will be the acquisition value of the insured and can be tracked on the website.

All international shipments are shipped by EMS, especially in retail and wholesale, please contact us, please click on our online reviews! That's why you can enjoy free shipping and discount stores here. Save more money now enjoying real brand new quality.

We are a professional online distributor and co-EMS delivery, in the long-term transport and delivery right to your door. Please make sure that you are safe at home when the package arrives, please.

After an order, check your email, after receiving the order confirmation, available on our website tracking orders online, you go "to track your orders!

Order Cancellation

After the cancellation of orders it must be necessary "orders have been shipped. Made all orders as quickly as possible, within 6 ~ 8 hours after the order, so I'm not always able to cancel any order, I hope you can at this point crucial Cancel request "was sent to the return policy will be treated in accordance with an agreement of understanding.



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